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Welcome to BLAPEL! What is BLAPEL, you ask? It sure sounds funny, but in fact, this site will be a very important forum for communication. This summer you will have various summer reading assignments for the book, 1 Dead in Attic. This site will serve as our primary venue for collaboration, communication, and discussion. You will be required to check into this site once a day for updates on all of the summer reading assignments. You can e-mail me directly through this site and there will be no excuses accepted for not keeping up with the assigned work. This will be the first opportunity to directly observe your work ethic and commitment to this class. I expect all to excel and hope that this site can be a fun way to discuss an amazing book over the summer months.

This site will also be used in conjunction with Good Reads. Good Reads is a website that allows for book discussions and collaboration. It also is a great source for keeping track of books you read. In short, it is your own personal, digital bookshelf. We will be discussing 1 Dead in the Attic on this site and checking in several times a week. I also encourage you to add other books that you have read in order for me to get a better understanding of your literary background.